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About Upholstery 2 U

Upholstery 2 U provides a quick, hassle free, onsite upholstery repair service. When equipment needs upholstery repairs, normally the machines must be sent off which means the equipment is out of service for a couple of days. We give you confidence as a supplier who will repair your pads onsite to a very high standard, having the ability to bring the workshop to your doorstep, enables us to carry out the repairs in as little as 30 minutes. Our upholsterers are fully trained, making sure there is no disruption to members during their workout.


Our Services

We offer Onsite and In-House Repairs. We also offer Upholstery Maintenance Contracts to keep your Gym looking it's best. We work with you to provide a service within a monthly budget you can afford. Once we understand a monthly figure, we will work out a plan of how we can attend your gym and carry out the necessary repairs throughout the year on several visits.  This way gyms can spread the repair costs over the year and not have to pay out a lump sum for one off repairs. This is a rolling monthly contract with no ties! To obtain a quote all we will need is total quantity of pads within the gym, a photo showing the colour and the gym address - It’s as easy as that!

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