High footfall in busy departments often means furniture shows signs of wear and tear. Our service means it can be quickly made to look new again without affecting patient services.

We’re upholstery pioneers

Our UK-wide upholsterers come to you 
- using our pioneering, high-spec mobile workshops to refresh your space quickly 
and professionally without disrupting your practice. Simply put, we’ve got it in the van.

For decades the upholstery industry has stood still. 
At Upholstery2u, we’ve ripped up the rule book to 
deliver a super-fast, affordable mobile upholstery service that makes life simpler for the businesses 
we serve. No more shifting heavy equipment and furniture off-site and waiting weeks for it to return.

What we do

Waiting Room Chairs Patient Chairs Wheelchairs Armchairs Office Chairs Treatment Couches Bench Seating
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Benefits of our Solution


Keep service interruptions brief (typically 60 minutes for a treatment couch), ensuring your operations run smoothly.

Instant Interior Transformation

Elevate your surroundings swiftly, attracting new patients with revitalised, contemporary interiors.


Enhance your adherence to CQC compliance, demonstrating your commitment to patient safety and care standard.

Enhanced Patient

Elevate patient satisfaction by providing a comfortable and visually appealing environment.

Conscious Choice

Opt for an eco-friendly solution that reduces landfill waste. Reuse existing items instead of replacing, contributing to a greener future.

Extensive Fabric

Access over 1000 high-quality, compliant fabrics to customize your upholstery, tailored to your unique aesthetic and needs.

On-Site Service

Our UK-wide mobile workshops bring the solution to your doorstep, minimizing logistical complexities and downtime.


Benefit from made-to-measure excellence, as highly trained upholsterers ensure each piece is tailored to perfection.

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