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With over 12 years experience in the refurbishment sector, we have successfully completed repairs across a wide variety of industries. Below you will find a brief introduction to a selection of the industries we operate in.


We have a high level of expertise and experience in refurbishing gym equipment. Due to the constant use, leather and alternative fabrics will show signs of wear over time. We can quickly and efficiently replace your tired, worn and damaged gym equipment.


Ripped or damaged beds and furniture can lead to downtime, and non-availability of rooms. Our team can repair and replace damage to reception, lounge and bedroom areas to ensure you make the right first impression to your valued guests.


Ripped booths, torn chair fabric? Our team of expert technicians can come out to your establishment and do an on-site repair, matching your existing fabrics, allowing you to keep your bookings and covers to the maximum level.


We understand that with medical facilities, standards and cleanliness is of the utmost importance. We will ensure that your patient chairs and beds are refurbished to the highest standard, in order to maintain full consumer confidence.


Universities, Schools and Colleges, have high footfall and usage within communal areas such as reception and educational facilities such as libraries which can lead to tired, damaged and worn furniture. We can replace and/or repair this quickly on site to ensure student facility satisfaction.


With huge levels of footfall, paired with constant usage, airport furniture and lounges can quickly become tired and worn and susceptible to damage through misuse by travellers. We can efficiently repair and replace furniture and fabrics to match the existing designs.