Bliss Beauty Salon Refurbishment

Bliss Beauty Salon Refurbishment

Due to Covid and the recent energy price increases, Becky highlighted to us that she was in need of a change in the salon to get customers back into the shop. 
After a few phone calls, we bounced a few ideas off each other and decided to refurb the chairs and the look of the upholstery within the salon. 

Becky was over the moon when we explained how we could embroider the company logo onto the backs of the wash chairs. We agreed this would attract more customers into the shop and beat any local competition.

We made sure our upholsterers carried out the work outside of Bliss’ opening hours. This ensured no down time/cancellations or loss of revenue. The job took less that 2 hours in total for a full new look! All the work carried out onsite, meaning no heavy lifting or removal of equipment from the shop.

“Look what Upholstery2u have done for us! We purchased the red chairs online as a project for changes in the salon and they have recovered the seats, embroidering our new logo onto the backs 😊 How fab is that! For anyone needing upholstery, these are your people.”Rebecca Hall Smith, Business owner

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